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Business, School & Community

YouthNet endeavours to be a leader in inspiring sustainable change, through developing partnerships with diverse non-profits, businesses, government agencies, faith-based and other community or sports organizations.

By offering opportunities to work together in partnership toward a common goal, YouthNet strives to bridge differences, stimulate innovative community initiatives, and create new synergy around social issues, through volunteering and community service.

“When peer organizations honestly embrace shared goals and clearly articulate how they will achieve them, collaboration works. Most important is believing that a group – even of ‘competitors’ – can accomplish what no one organization could do alone.” Harvard Business Review

Benefits for Businesses

Strengthens the strategic brand within the community

Increases likelihood of attracting recruits and retaining employees

Strengthens relationships with customers, vendors and clients

Provides a means to demonstrate company values in action

Connects financial contribution directly to employee engagement.

Helps to build teamwork and camaraderie across the various organizational units

Provides employees with new opportunities to utilize talents and skills

Positive community response to business involvement in social needs

Creates quantifiable social impact.

Programmes available to you…

Traditional Mentoring
Reading Mentoring
Worksite Mentoring

Benefits for Organizations

Strengthens the community by increasing the capacities of non profits organizations to work toward their missions

Leverages knowledge, resources and volunteers in addressing social and community problems

Provides members with new opportunities to utilize gifts and talents

Strengthens value of diversity by allowing people from different organizations to identify and address common issues and concerns

Broadens networks and expands a pool of resources

Provides networking and relationship building that may lead to other collaborations or other benefits for the participating organizations.

Programmes available to you…

Traditional Mentoring
Reading Mentoring

Benefits for Schools

Provides young people with the option to engage in a positive activity that creates opportunity for their success

Encourages positive attitudes towards education

Nurtures character and leadership development

Provides a character building experience, fostering qualities that help students be successful, responsible citizens in our community

Works with, and offers support to, teachers, staff and the academic curriculum

Enhances the ranges of support a school can offer their students

Creates quantifiable social impact

Helps bring community needs into focus

Programmes available to you…

Traditional Mentoring
Reading Mentoring
Peer Mentoring
Worksite Mentoring

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Clare Mello
Executive Director