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Peer Mentoring

OPTIONS: One-to-One and Team Mentoring
MENTORS: Senior school and Bermuda College students
MENTEES: Primary and middle school students; ages 7-14 years
PLACE: School-based
COMMITMENT: One hour a week for at least a school year

This programme matches older youth with younger students in either mentoring or supervised reading relationships, to provide friendship and support. Mentors and mentees spend one hour per week making meaningful connections. Matches are made within the same school or between different schools.


Play board games, read, talk, eat lunch, play sports

Benefits to Mentors

  • Earn community service hours
  • Develop leadership skills
  • It’s fun!
  • Looks good on your resume
  • Broadens your social network with other schools

Mentoring Benefits to Mentees

A mentor who…

  • listens to you
  • shares school experiences
  • makes lunch time fun
  • supports you in tough times
  • shares your world

Reading Benefits to Mentees

A mentor who helps to build your reading skills by…

  • making reading fun
  • helping you understand the words
  • reads with and listens to you read
  • shares their stories

Mentor Training

Yes, training is required and provided for mentors

Application Process

Step 1: Application – Complete application and questionnaire
Step 2: Training
Step 3: Matching/Orientation

Shana Bean
Relationship Manager

D 297-5404