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Traditional Mentoring

OPTIONS: One-to-One and Team Mentoring
MENTORS: Adults from the community at large and the business sector

MENTEES: Primary, middle and senior school students; ages 8-17 years
PLACE: School-based
COMMITMENT: One lunch hour a week for at least an academic school year, a total of 35 hours and an equivalent of less than one working week

Adult volunteers (mentors) are matched with students (mentees) in school. Mentors spend one hour per week making meaningful connections being role models and friends.


Play board games, read, talk, eat lunch, play sports

Benefits to Mentors

  • It’s fun
  • It’s flexible – accommodates busy schedules
  • It’s only 1 hour a week
  • It broadens your network
  • It feels good to give back
  • Free summers and holidays
  • Requests for your weekend and evening time limited

Benefits to Mentees

A mentor who…

  • listens to you and knows your story
  • sees your strengths and helps you build on them
  • understands that you have a unique place in the world
  • walks with you toward your goal
  • lends a hand when challenges arise
  • inspires you to be the best you can be

Mentor Training

Yes, training is required and provided for mentors.

Application Process

Step 1: Application – Complete application and questionnaire
Step 2: Police Check – Complete form and submit with copy of identification
Step 3: Training
Step 4: Matching/Orientation

Shana Bean
Relationship Manager

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