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Worksite Mentoring

PROGRAMME: One-to-One and Team Mentoring through business partnerships
MENTORS: Team of adult volunteers
MENTEES: Senior school students; ages 15-18 years
PLACE: Mentor’s place of work; afterschool, 4-5pm
COMMITMENT: One hour a week for at least a school year

This programme is designed to partner with companies who wish to engage their employees in mentoring. The relationship takes place at the mentors’ place of work. The mentor helps the student become accustomed to the rules, norms and expectations of the workplace and can provide career insight and guidance based on personal career experience.

Benefits to Mentors

  • Allows more mentors to participate
  • Mentors can stay at the office do not have to travel to schools
  • It feels good – volunteering will help mentors feel good about themselves
  • It’s fun

Benefits to Mentees

  • A good transition for current mentees entering senior school who prefer to meet with their mentors off school premises
  • A mentor who…
    • exposes students to the work environment and real life career development
    • provides career insight and guidance based on personal experience

Mentor Training

Yes, training is required and provided for mentors

Application Process

Step 1: Application – Complete application and questionnaire
Step 2: Police Check – Complete form and submit with copy of identification
Step 3: Training
Step 4: Matching/Orientation


Shana Bean
Relationship Manager

P 297-5404