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Our Policies & Procedures

Mandatory Reporting Policy


It is the policy of YouthNet that all staff, mentors, and other representatives of the program must report any suspected child abuse and/or neglect of program participants immediately.  All such suspected reports must be made to appropriate local authorities. Program staff must follow the mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect procedures.

All employees, volunteers, and mentors of YouthNet are required to undergo training as to what constitutes child abuse and neglect, what the laws are, and how to properly report such cases.

Any staff, volunteer, or mentor accused of child abuse or neglect will be investigated by YouthNet and local authorities. Contact with program youth will be restricted or constrained and/or the person in question suspended from employment or program participation per the decision of the Executive Director and Board of Directors until such investigation is concluded. 

Mandatory Reporting Procedure

All staff and volunteers must adhere to the following mandatory reporting procedures:

Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

  • All suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect, recent or otherwise, must be reported to the respective Program Manager immediately, the same day if possible.
  • If the mentor is informed of abuse or neglect during non-business hours, the mentor must report it the Program Manager no later than noon the next business day. 
  • The Program Manager must fill out the Child Abuse and Neglect Report form detailing critical information about the alleged incident of abuse or neglect. Once completed and reported, this form will be kept in the mentee’s file folder.
  • The Program Manager must then file a report with the school official within 24 hours. 


In some cases, the BPS (Bermuda Police Service) may require the mentor to be interviewed or make contact with them directly. In such cases, the Program Manager will accompany the mentor as allowed by the BPS. 

Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect by Program Staff or Volunteers

  • The same procedures outlined above will be followed for any suspected child abuse and neglect by any staff person, program representative or volunteer.
  • In addition, the alleged abuser will be investigated by YouthNet’s Executive Director and Board members.
  • During such an investigation, the alleged abuser will be immediately restricted from contact with youth, placed on employment probation, terminated or suspended from participation in the program.
  • In the case of suspicion of a mentor, the school official will be immediately informed of the suspicion.