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Our Partners

We are a diverse group of people sharing a single commitment to help young people succeed.

YouthNet has a strong commitment to partnership and collaboration with our local businesses, schools and community organizations. The purpose of each collaboration is to provide mutual benefit that:

  • Connects directly to mission and objectives
  • Promotes positive youth development
  • Provides an opportunity to serve more young people

Our Current Business & Community Organization Partners

Alan Oliver Foundation

February 1st 2008 YouthNet partnered with the Friends of Alan Oliver and hosted the inaugural Alan Oliver, YouthNet Memorial Golf Tournament at Belmont Hills Golf Club. Funds from the tournament were used to set up the Alan Oliver Sports Fund to support YouthNet mentees in achieving their sporting goals. To date over $50K has been raise and approximately $30k has been invested in supporting some 15 YouthNet mentees.

Appleby & The Berkeley Institute

Appleby partners, associates and employees were recruited as mentors for S1 students at The Berkeley Institute. Worksite mentoring combines meetings at school and in the workplace. In this case, the workplace meetings include a facilitated session with focus on college preparation and work place awareness.

Past Partnerships

Over the years we have enjoyed the benefits of many successful ventures:

  • ABIC
  • Knowledge Quest
  • Passports to College
  • Bermuda Football Association
  • Dandy Football Club
  • De Boys Day Out Club
  • Rise Above Bermuda
  • BBFS, BAA & Bermuda Commercial League
  • BTC


YouthNet is also committed to working in partnership with the public and private schools. The programme is centered around the development of youth, and is designed to work with the support of teachers, staff and the academic curriculum.

Over the years, YouthNet has built relationships with the following schools:

  • Elliot Primary
  • Dalton E. Tucker
  • East End Primary
  • Elliot Primary
  • Gilbert Institute
  • Heron Bay Primary
  • Harrington Sound Primary
  • Northlands Primary
  • Paget Primary
  • Prospect Primary
  • Port Royal Primary
  • Purvis Primary
  • St. George’s Preparatory
  • Somerset Primary
  • Victor Scott Primary
  • West Pembroke Primary
  • Whitney Institute Middle
  • Dellwood Middle
  • T N Tatem Middle
  • Clearwater Middle
  • CedarBridge Academy
  • Berkeley Institute
  • Saltus Grammar School
  • Warwick Academy
  • Bermuda High School
  • Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  • Somersfield Academy
  • Bermuda Institute
  • Bermuda College