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Welcome to the training page.  This is to help you learn to edit and change the YouthNet website.

Only those staff and volunteers authorized by Clare Mello should view this training and/or make changes to the WebSite.


YouthNet pays a company called Bluehost ( to hold all the information for their website (  Bluehost uses software from WordPress to allow editing of this website.

Make sure you are very comfortable in making changes, as they appear to the world every time you save those changes.  Use FIREFOX to prevent any ill-effects from using other browsers.

Also note that the BlueHost company is has great service – you can call them for some simple questions/training advice.

Video Links for specific tasks created specifically for YouthNet


Select the task which most closely resembles what you would like to accomplish.

  2. Introductory review of logging in and making a simple page edit.
  3. Creating a new YouthNet page, linking to it from a current page
  4. uh oh!  I made a mistake!
 and have created some GREAT video training regarding WordPress


Highly recommended viewing – but be careful – certain items like changing “Themes” can affect the whole website!


  1. WordPress Introduction
  2. Understanding the Dashboard
  3. Installing WordPress on your BlueHost account (this is already done for YouthNet)
  4. At this point you’ll see links to the other 5 training videos from BlueHost on YouTube – select any appropriate to what you’d like to know.
  5. Adding new Users Screen (Generic Information)